Monday, February 27, 2012

sHELL: No drilling in the ARCTIC

Alaska's Big Village Network


sHELL drilling in the ARCTIC!!!

supporting the international days of action........

Thanks to Real People in Alaska

Thanks to Earl Kingik for publicly standing up to Shell
Thanks to US Constitution for allowing this freedom of speech against a foreign multi-national corporation set to seize on America's Arctic.

Thanks for the Bowhead Whale for providing thousands of years of beauty, food, culture and sharing with the Iniut.

Thanks to Human Beings to Save the Arctic.


sHell is negligent around the World.....Stop sHell
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"On 24 Feb 2012 seven people including actor Lucy Lawless scaled the 50 meter drill tower on a drillship commissioned by Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic. They set up camp at the very top of the ship's drilling derrick and barricaded the access ladder. There they stayed for four days and three nights to prevent the ship from leaving for the Arctic. With phone cameras, a laptop and a solar panel they proceeded to speak to the world via a 24/7 live feed on the web and the response from around the world was overwhelming. Just before their eventual arrest on the fourth day Lucy Lawless summed up the impact of this action in this tweet: Seven of us came up the tower on Shell's drillship but 4 days later 130,000 will come down. In solidarity we can #savethearctic. By the time they did come down over 135,000 people had email Shell demanding an end to its Arctic oil drilling."