Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letter to Sen. Begich re: China's Human Rights Violations Against Tibet


Thank you for taking the time to call your Senators to ask them to vote in favor of Senate Resolution 356. (SR 356) Together, we can make sure this resolution for Tibet receives the resounding support it deserves. Every call also helps build global pressure to stop China's violent attacks and supports the Tibetan people's cries for freedom.

Here are a couple of helpful tips for calling:

  • When you call, ask to speak with the staff member responsible for foreign affairs. If this person is unavailable, ask to speak with a legislative aid;
  • Remember to introduce yourself (ie. My name is Tenzin and I am a Tibetan-American living in your state. I'm calling you today because I hope Senator X will vote in favor of Resolution 356 on Tibet when it comes before the Senate floor). NOTE: If you're passed through to an answering machine, make sure to request a call-back and leave your full name and phone number;
  • Relay an update on the urgent situation in Tibet;
  • Thank the staff person for his/her time and make sure to get his/her full name and contact information;
  • Follow-up by faxing and/or emailing the Resistance in Tibet Summary Sheet to your representative's office.

Please let us know how the call went by making a log of your call. Your feedback is important so we can follow-up with your Senators as needed.

Thank you for speaking up for Tibet.

This is done

Make a call to Senator (D-Alaska) Mark Begich's Office

Phone: (202) 224-3004

District Phone: (907) 271-5915

Log a call to Senator (D-Alaska) Mark Begich's Office
This is done

Make a call to Senator (R-Alaska) Lisa Murkowski's Office

Phone: (202) 224-6665

District Phone: (907) 271-3735

Log a call to Senator (R-Alaska) Lisa Murkowski's Office

Ask your Members of Congress to:

  1. Co-sponsor Senate Resolution 356 on Tibet and vote in favor of the resolution when it comes before the Senate floor;
  2. Write to China's ambassador to the US to express concern over China's violent crackdown in Tibet;
  3. Sign the Stand Up for Tibet pledge: http://standupfortibet.org/enough/dk-speakup-petition-1/
  4. Issue a public statement of concern from their office.

Read the Resistance in Tibet summary for an overview of the current situation in Tibet.
Read more about China's failed policies in Tibet.

Honorable Senator Begich,

This letter is to notify you of the ongoing matter of China’s violations of Human Rights against Tibet and her peoples. As China increases the iron fist of tyranny, and continuing to force the extreme conditions of genocidal nature against the people of Tibet, I would like you to take note of current events of significance of humanitarian concern.

Tibetans and their supporters have been peacefully protesting the extremely violent acts of China in many forms, not limited to Tibetan’s protesting in self-immolation. The Tibetans peacefully burning oneself to death underscores the significance of Tibetan independence and freedoms in their history as a distinct People with their own culture, religion, language, and land. Most of the self-immolations have been occurring within the Chinese occupied boundaries of Tibet as an understatement to the harsh Chinese government oppression of young Tibetans to practice their own religion, speech, and language. I also would like to note that China is continuing to arrest Tibetans and bringing them to forced labor camps in Tibet and around China.

Yesterday, March 26, 2012, the 30th Tibetan set himself on fire in protest against the unbearable regime China is waging against Tibetan freedoms; to breaking many of the international covenants and treaties of Human Rights upon which the United States is signatory. This event is significant because it is only the second to occur in India where there is a growing community of Tibetan exiles.

The young Tibetan man was in Delhi, India. He had already escaped the borders of Tibet and could live in relative safety, freedom and good conditions in India. Still, Jamphel Yeshi, a healthy powerful educated young man, decided to burn himself, by his own hands to exemplify the suffering occurring by Tibetan people.

Senator Begich, as a representative of the Alaska’s people, full of merit and elected, in a country that is built on human rights, please use Your powerful voice to promote the cause of Tibetan independence.

Just consider the 30 individuals who burned themselves: They were ready to die. How much damage could have been inflicted upon others if they were terrorists like many other peoples on this earth. Tibetans are examples from the future of civil conscience and respect for life.

If we let them down, we are letting down the whole human race.

Best regards,

Carl G.Wassilie

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  1. Interesting write up regarding China's human rights violations against Tibet.

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