Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring '15 Food Sovereignty Tour: Great Lakes Region

Alaska's Big Village Network Spring '15 Food Sovereignty Tour:

CHICAGO:  Jane Addams Hull-House Museum:

University of Illinois, Chicago










Spring 2015 Food Sovereignty Series:

International Peasants Day: Forum on Food Sovereignty
April 16th 2015
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum 800 South Halsted
3-5:30pm Food and Justice Storytelling

Learn about La Via Campesina’s (International Peasants Movement) Seven Principles of Food Sovereignty through personal stories of food, land and culture shared by diverse organizers, farmers, peasants, cultural workers and Indigenous activists.
6-8:30pm Community meal and conversation about building interconnected local movements for a healthy and just food system. Learn about the history of International Peasants Day and its significance to landless farmers in Brazil. Discover why dairy farmers from Wisconsin choose this as a day to travel to Chicago to protest unfair prices and policies that bankrupt family farmers and draw attention to a global movement of peasants defending their livelihoods. Topics will include: water protection, Fair Trade, climate justice, land rights, cultural resilience and Indigenous struggles. Alaska's Big Village Network Center for Water Advocacy Center for Water Advocacy
Zona Abierta
At the Frontline of Climate Change

Monday, April 20, 2015
3:00pm to 4:30pm
Latino Cultural Center
Lecture Center B2, please note that this event in the series is not at the Hull-House Museum
FREE refreshments and admission

Presented by the UIC Latino Cultural Center, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, and the Native American Support Program

How can we draw on cultural heritage’s values and practices to address climate change?

Join us for an interactive conversation with members of Alaska’s Big Village Network as they address the effects of climate change in their own communities. Due to the rapid increase of oil, gas, and hard rock mining, it has caused significant impacts that is forcing Native communities to permanently relocate because of uninhabitable housing and health conditions. Learn how ABVN is working closely with local and national organizations to advocate for Indigenous rights and environmental sovereignty.

Alaska’s Big Village Network works to address the socioeconomic and environmental disparities in rural and urban Alaska. ABVN works closely with scientific experts, scholars, and community members on innovative problem solving in order to address unmet human needs and cultural misunderstandings.

Rethinking Soup
Food Sovereignty, Indigenous Sovereignty
April 21st 2015, 12-1pm
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum 800 South Halsted Chicago

How can indigenous food culture be protected, honored and celebrated?

What is indigenous environmental sovereignty and how is it beneficial across cultures?

Industrial mineral extraction, pollution, climate change, and corrupt environmental policies threaten traditional life ways across the country. Join representatives from Alaska’s Big Village Network and the Buffalo Field Campaign to learn about the sacred role of buffalo and salmon and ways that communities are responding to urgent issues with resilience and creativity. Alaska's Big Village Network Center for Water Advocacy

Honoring Food, Water and Indigenous Culture: Building Inclusive Communities for Environmental Justice
Earth Day: April 22nd 2015
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum | 800 South Halsted

Nourishment: Nutritional, Cultural, and Political
A community meal celebrating salmon, a traditional subsistence food with indigenous activists from Alaska's Big Village Network, Buffalo Field Campaign and American Indian Center of Chicago.

Zhashagi, The Echo Maker
Film Screening and discussion with filmmaker Steve Zieverink and Alaska's Big Village Network
Zhashagi, The Echo Maker is an indigenous human rights film exploring the right to water, the environmental impacts of mining, and the lack of protection for sacred sites by the federal government. Focusing on the construction of Eagle Mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the shores of Lake Superior, Echo Maker tells the story of industry and the impact of choices upon the environment and peoples of the region.

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