Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline continues to commit crimes against Humanity

Welcome to today's post from Alaska's Big Village Network providing real information AND a bit of satire addressing the ongoing Human Rights violations by a U.S. Corporation in the State of North Dakota.  Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access oil pipeline activities continue to break International Covenants and U.S. Laws using the State of North Dakota's political system to pursue violent means to enforce the false Western mythology of "progress and development".  Here are a few clips from Indian Country Today articulating on the ground observations from thousands of U.S. and global citizens.  - Alaska's Big Village Network 

Indian Country Today Media Network 10/25/16

A Call for Justice Dept to Act on DAPL Civil Rights Abuses

Concerned and angered by the use of dogs, pepper spray, military tactics and strip searches against unarmed water protectors at the construction sites of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to step in.
“I am seeking a Justice Department investigation because I am concerned about the safety of the people,” Archambault said in a statement. “Too often these kinds of investigations take place only after some use of excessive force by the police creates a tragedy. I hope and pray that the Department will see the wisdom of acting now to prevent such an outcome.”



Justice Dept Reaffirms It Will Not Grant DAPL River-Crossing Permits Anytime Soon

“While the Army continues to review issues raised by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other tribal nations and their members, it will not authorize constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline on Corps land bordering or under Lake Oahe,” Justice Department spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle told the news station in an e-mail on Tuesday October 25. Earlier in the day, Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II had requested a DOJ investigation into civil and human rights abuses by police and other authorities against the protectors. “In the interim, the departments of the Army, Interior, and Justice have reiterated our request that the pipeline company voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe.”


1851 Fort Laramie Treaty

Now starring Oil is Life by the Dakota EXCESS Pipeline From The Juice Media (satire):

Behind the scenes  look into the Dakota EXCESS Pipeline:   

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