Monday, December 31, 2012

Update: Shell drilling rig A small contingent of Alaska tribal groups is planning to protest Royal Dutch Shell's Alaska operations at noon today outside the oil company's Alaska headquarters at the Frontier Building, 36th Avenue and A Street. The effort is being led by Carl Wassilie of Alaska's Big Village Network, Nikos Pastos of the Center for Water Advocacy and Delice Calcote of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council. The protest organizers say Shell doesn't appear prepared to work in Alaska and that the Coast Guard also doesn't have enough assets to respond to incidents such as the weekend drifting of the oil drilling rig Kulluk. 

12:00pm noon Rally at the intersection of E. 36 th & A street Anchorage, Alaska
Rally to oppose Shell drilling in the Arctic

Alaska groups and Tribes urgently question Shell’s risky behavior in Alaska waters.

U.S. laws require Federal Agencies such as the U.S. Coast Guard to provide equal protection under the law.

Real and persistent questions as to the Coast Guard’s availability of assets necessary to respond to non-tank vessel traffic incidents (Kulluk); and the adequacy of Shell's safety preparedness, emergency response and oil spill contingency ability in Arctic oil exploration activities in all Alaska waters.

See: Noble Discoverer safety violations and Kulluk drilling rig reckless drift in North Pacific tropical cyclone storm.

IDLE NO MORE-  Alaska Tribes
sHell no drilling in the Arctic

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