Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alaska lawmaker Feige introduces ‘Lucy Lawless bill

Feige introduces ‘Lucy Lawless bill’
Actress Lucy Lawless with the New Zealand Greenpeace aboard a Shell drilling rig. (Photo courtesy Greenpeace New Zealand)

Feige introduces ‘Lucy Lawless bill’
An Alaska lawmaker has introduced legislation that would make it a felony to interfere with permitted oil and gas, timber or other development projects.
Rep. Eric Feige is calling HB92 the “Lucy Lawless bill,” after the actress last year boarded a Shell drill ship before it left New Zealand for the U.S. She and other activists were arrested.
Feige, a co-chair of the House Resources Committee, says Alaska has a good permitting process, through which the public can raise concerns or complaints. He says there seems to be an increasing tendency within the activist community to try to take the law in their own hands.
He says the bill is his effort to get ahead of any problems in Alaska, where Shell has begun exploratory drilling in the Arctic.
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Feige introduces ‘Lucy Lawless bill’

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